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There comes a point that entertainment without a message is a distraction….I don’t know if we are quite at this point but I and others have made the decision to devote a good deal of time to learning about the fight and solutions because the convergence seems to be approaching rapidly and time seems to be running out.  There are ample artists that are behind the cause we surround ourselves with music coinciding with our struggle and support those artists!  We all need entertainment at times and have found that watching informative documentaries and music with a message to be some of the most satisfying means of being entertained!

Below is an eclectic range of music encompassing many genres over several decades, but most are from the past 10 years.  If you have a suggestion please feel free to contact us!  The hip hop community seams to be putting out the most of this kind of music, probably because it is the music of the streets and this movement is a grassroots movement, and also because rap is an excellent way to portray militant ideas through music.  There are other energetic musical expressions like heavy metal rock, punk and rap/metal.  Some of the most dedicated to the cause are people in the countryside that are very patriotic, the ‘good ol boys’, being in Kansas there are an abundance of them and their musical expression is a lighter rock with a twain and a folk feel to it.  Reggae music has always been about social change and elevation of lower classes, seeing all as equals, legalization, and fighting against Babylon, so this peace filled chill music gives a vibe of nonviolence and are great for meditation and herb sessions, therefor there are several reggae and reggae fusion songs.  There are a few tracks best described as fusion which mix genres like rock and classical, or rap with classical influences, or one of my favorites punk/reggae as the punk is a chaotic expression that flows so great with the smooth bass heavy reggae!  There are some electronic, techno, and dubstep tracks as well as a few classic rock tracks; hippies and raver types are extremely open minded and many are very bright bright, they are peaceful people and support many of our causes such as no no war, anti-GMO, organic food promotion, and relaxed drug laws.  There are also several foreign acts which is beautiful as it eludes to the movement being GLOBAL!  As you can see there is a little bit of everything below; the diversity of the music eludes to the fact that we are ALL in the struggle, here at home and across the globe, throughout many sectors of society, and people of all races, classes, and lifestyles!  The PEOPLE are awakening and this is INVIGORATING!

Enjoy!  !!!


A message to the NWO (not a song) from the band Sons of Liberty that sets the tone well!

Chris Geo – Global Resistance

Michael Franti and Spearhead – Light Up Your Lighter

Payday Monsanto – Your Slumber

Remo Consciousness – Welcome to the Aftermath

Flobots – Handlebars

Gamma Ray induction – Illuminati

Beast 1333 – ANONYMOUS

Dubble – Mental Revolution

Corruptable – Patriot

Defiance, Ohio – The New World Order

Huoratron – $$ Troopers

Rage Against the Machine – Wake Up

Muse – Uprising

A Perfect Circle – The Noose

Kymatica – What For

The Lost Children of Babylon – Propaganda

Tay G – Martial Law

Ytcracker – #antisec

Flobots – Stand Up

Remo Consciousness – Loose Change

Grime – The Revolution is Here

Thievery Corporation – 33 Degree

hed PE ft. Dirtball – Stay Ready

Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine

Sublime – April 26, 1992

Diabolic – Truth

K Rino – Grand Deception

Otep – Smash the Control Machine

Ministry – New World Order

Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier

Dead Prez – Propaganda

Diabolic – Modern Day Future

Sons of Liberty – Our Dying Republic

Lowkey – Obama Nation

Lowkey – Long Live Palestine

Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man in Babylon

Sons of Liberty – Revolution

Arch Enemy – End of the Line

Immortal Technique – Point of No Return

Chris Geo – We’re in a Lot of Trouble

Otep – Confrontation

Ill Bill – Society is Brainwashed

Conspirituality – AmBushed

Immortal Technique – Tell the Truth (Ft.Mos Def)

Truthtold – 9/11 A Cold Day in Hell

Rage Against the Machine – Testify

Eminem – Mosh

Payday Monsanto – Everybody Knows

Sons of Liberty – Don’t Tread on Me

All That Remains – For Salvation

Bob Marley – I Shot the Sheriff

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