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9/11 and False Flag Terrorism

False flag terrorism has been around for a long time and has been used an incredible amount of times and by all types of corrupt governments.  The crux of a false flag attack is pretending like you are the entity you wish to frame, by dressing like them or painting your air plane like theirs, and then a staged attack would be carried out, often the soldiers getting attacked wouldn’t even know the attacking forces were their own.  The phrase false flag comes from the days of naval warfare where the boats were identified by the flag they flew, so the old ‘false flag’ attack was one where a false flag, ie a flag that is not yours but your enemies, would be flown and then the boat bearing the false flag would attack as to blame the enemy.  The tactical advantage of such a tactic is to be the aggressor yet seem as if you are the victim and in turn garner nationalism and international support.  This tactic of false flag is instrumental in understanding the big picture of 9/11.  The cartoon at the top depicts the similarities of how the leaders of the USA and Nazi Germany used false flag attacks to carry out their agenda (this is but one similarity to the current political situation in the US and the rise of the Nazis, but that will not be covered here).  Even though the term false flag was coined in reference to naval warfare the military tactic is one that dates back many centuries but this portion will focus just on the last hundred years and more specifically America in the past 60 years. Important to note that false flags can be economical, political, personal in nature but this page will focus on military false flags.

Pearl Harbor

Americas entrance into the WWII was based on an attack from the Japanese on our Hawaiian military base of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Most people would agree that if there is an offensive attack by a nation then swift retaliation is a just action.  Thus Pearl Harbor is seen as a tragedy (which is was), where the Japanese attacked us (which they did) cowardly with a surprise attack (THIS IS A LIE)!  As you will see there were for-warnings, offensive type actions by the US towards Japan that pushed them to react, and the attack was allowed to happen and was known about by top members of the military and government, so that America would have the support of the public to join the war….this meant however that the attack had to be a surprise attack with a sizable American death toll.  After the attack there were ten official inquiries into the attack, with the last one occurring over fifty years later in 1995, although the investigations did not have the security clearance to receive the most sensitive information.

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