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Drug War

The war on drugs, like the war on terror, is a war that can NOT be won, and the authorities and government officials know this, an in fact have meticulously planned it this way!  The war on terrorism was a multifaceted tool to erode the rights of Americans so that the next portion of the agenda can be carried out (read more about that here).  The war on drugs is a different animal than the war on terror in many respects but is similar in that they know it won’t be won, and thus a perpetual war, feeding the industrial military complex and a continued source of funding in the government.  Another similarity is that they are involved in both of these to ensure there will be the ‘bad guy’, it may seem shocking to some of those who read this but the American government (and other governments too but here we will focus mainly on the US Government), are on record with verifiable evidence as being involved in the wholesale distribution of drugs AND also as being behind many of the terrorist attacks in the United State the evidence for the proven government involvement with drug distribution, smuggling,…ect will be shown on this page, go here to read about the proven terrorist connections to terrorism.  Not only is the government involved but mega banks and other industries are proven to be in on the racket as well, with laundering money.  Then there are the industries that promote the drug war because they directly benefit and profit from it, and some are completely dependent on the drug war for their business to even exist in the capacity it currently does.


more to come…