Freedom Fighters Unite!

Ron Paul 2012!

Politics is a reoccurring topic on the WACW website and is a big part of our fight because we feel that although a fair amount of rights have been stripped and tyranny is a fast growing trend we still have our second amendment (right to bear arms and the key to keeping freedom) and we still have our voice (1st amendment to warn about the injustices and solutions, a huge help for the movement being the internet) and most importantly we still have a say about the future of this country (by voting, in part).  S0 even though you are likely to find much of the rhetoric towards the politicians of today, and really the past few decades, not very positive, it is very important in the solutions phase of this struggle.  And make no doubt about it we are in a struggle, we are in trouble, our once great republic is in danger of failure and the great experiment of the masses governing themselves is literally on the verge of being declared a failure at which point the state closes it’s fist on the people separating them from all rights and freedoms and the New World Order wins…that is unless we fight and beat them, but if it gets to this point the SHTF in a big way, these psychos have race specific bio weapons, highly engineered chemical weapons, super weapons, and of course the tens of thousands of thermonuclear weapons!  Needless to say we don’t want it to go that far and having victories politically is what NEEDS to happen!  Identifying the tyrants and putting our foot down and getting into office the good guys!
RON PAUL CAN SAVE THIS COUNTRY!  The representative from Texas is a politician that is time tested to be for the people, to know and care for and consistently vote for the constitution!  He will END the police and nanny state!  He’s An anti war candidate, and that includes the “kinetic military action” that IS A WAR that they won’t call a WAR in Libya, and that includes Iraq, and Afghanistan, and THE WAR ON DRUGS!!!, and the growing conflicts that the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE (what sick fucking joke!) winning Obummer has drastically increased in Pakistan and in Yemen with unmanned drones where it is acceptable to have kill 9 men woman and children to get 1 ALLEGED “bad guy”.  That’s right we have killed 90% civilians with these types of attacks and the peace prize winning Obama has increased the use of them by magnitudes!  And more military personal give money to Ron Paul than ANY other candidate!  Paul is for ABOLISHING the FEDERAL RESERVE!  THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE that is at the heart of so many of the items that we fight against!  He wants to get rid of the Income TAX, he wants to get our financial house in order (and he is probably the only man that can truly do it)!  America THIS is our chance to really have that change that the masses yearned for with Obama, he wants to legalize freedom and damn it that will solve so many of our problems.  He will not support dictators or murderous countries like Israel, a tiny sliver of land that has a good economy that exceeds many European nations…this tiny country gets 20% of our Aid and other help like slashing the price of F-16 fighters so that the USA can sell them at nearly nothing enabling this tiny sliver of land to have the second largest fleet in the world!  We have starving kids here in AMERICA but we give all this money to the war criminals of Israel and turn a blind eye while they slaughter the Palestinians…but I digress.  ALL foreign aid will be cut to these countries that use the money NOT for the people but to pay off the ruthless dictators.  Paul wants to end the imperialism of the United States, why do we NEED all of these massive military bases in all of these countries?  We don’t, he will rectify THIS injustice as well.  Ron Paul is a Constitutionalists, he is a true civil libertarian, a true fiscal conservative, a true man of the people, HE CAN SAVE US, THIS IS WHERE WE NEED TO POOL OUR RESOURCES AND GET A PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE NOT OF THE CORPORATIONS BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE.  It pains me oh so greatly to say that I don’t think the freedoms of the American people and the world will survive another few terms of a Bush, or Obama type…the Republic will fall and evil will have won.  Please do your part, please let’s continue the great American tradition of leaving the world in a better place for our children than we had.

There is a revolution…the Ron Paul revolution be a part of it!  Legalize freedom!  Let’s take back OUR country, let’s put this man in the white house!  No other candidate comes close, if you think that there is a candidate I would like to hear from you contact me here.

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