Freedom Fighters Unite!


Welcome to We Are Change Wichita!

Welcome to the Wichita chapter of We Are Change, located in Kansas the heartland of America, we continue the freedom fight while rallying against the growing police and nanny state, corruption, globalism, and all the other tentacles of societies NWO eugenics controllers as they attempt to usher in the age of constant fear and extreme control on a vast scale.  So take the red pill and enter the rabbit hole to learn more about how tyranny is rearing it’s ugly head here at home and around the world, upcoming events, suppressed information, and much more!  Sometimes the truth is ugly but it is imperative that we do not shy away because learning the truth and informing the masses is the first step in turning this thing around.  While viewing the information presented herein some peoples psychological slides will undoubtedly be activated, it’s incredible how many people will refuse to even look at evidence that is conspiratorial in nature because in their mind any conspiracy theories are literally insane, failing to realize that conspiracies happen all the time and theorizing about that them is far from ‘insane’.  There has been a quite effective campaign to make the public think that anybody who is presenting a conspiracy theory is a nut and not to be listened to, and they have deflected much investigation and public scrutiny.  As such some people will not believe the information presented, even though it is documented.  In the mission to spread this information it is important to be aware of this and to remain respectful and cordial to those who will not look at the proof, even if they are mean to you, don’t stoop to their level, and remain kind… not everyone is ready to receive this info, all that can really be done here is to pray that they have a change of heart and open their mind to the possibility and then move on to those that are ready to receive the truth.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
-George Orwell

{Several pages are partially complete, this website is in its infancy and we are still working on writing up some of the pages, and we hope to have these complete in the next few months!}