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Past Events

We Are Change Wichita has been around for years, the following is a brief overview of some of our actions.  Our main goal is the spread of information with the eventual outcome that results in a society with more liberty, that is safer (fewer toxins humans and the environment are exposed to, reduction/elimination of wars, more nutritious food…ect), and to expose those who wish to harm, control us, and restrict our God given and constitutional rights.  There are several ways we are accomplishing this, we have handed out information in the form of fliers, put up posters, passed out free DVDs, and used other media to reach people such as the internet.  Our actions/members have been featured on Alex Jones Info Wars and Prison Planet webpages, we have been on radio stations for interviews, our members have appeared in the local news paper and on local news, and we have confronted members of congress about injustices and upcoming bills.

The most widely known We Are Change Wichita campaign was our involvement in the national fluoride poster distribution that was inspired and organized on the Alex Jones show where he released poster designs for his listeners, local activist groups like WACW and others to plaster all over every major city to bring this issue to the forefront on the national stage.  The posters boldly stated, “THERE IS POISON IN THE TAP WATER” and gave facts showing the dastardly fact that an industrial waste is being systematically injected into water supplies across the country and much of the ‘civilized’ world leading to detrimental health and societal affects (learn more about fluoride here).  The dedication of several members resulted in many hundreds of fliers being put up in Wichita and the surrounding towns.  This garnered the attention of the local media and was shown on the evening news several times, in the Wichita Eagle news paper, as well as being featured in a special article on the Info Wars page.  Below you will find links to some of the fluoride campaign coverage as well as the confrontation of our local congressmen on voting for the Patriot Act where he says he would not vote for the bill again if it were unconstitutional and when the vote came up a few months later he voted ‘present’ technically keeping his word, but we wish he would have voted against it, however we were happy that he kept his word, the measure passed anyways but it was nonetheless a small victory for WACW.

ARREST THAT MAN!!! (past campaign)

Guess who is coming to Wichita…..

I hope all of you will join us in our campaign to expose and protest as George W Bush comes to Wichita, Kansas on November 3, 2011!
Bush is touring the states and internationally and has already and several cancellations due to protests and threats of arrest in Canada and Europe.
Lets let the world know that we Americans DO NOT AGREE with the tretrous actions of our polititions and demand that international law be upheld, GW Bush personally ordered the waterboarding of prisoners amoung many other hanous things that are illegal, so illegal in fact that in WWII the USA put to death Japanese who were convicted of that EXACT crime!

People stand up for whats right, and for what is just.  If Bush is coming to a city near you go and let him know that we the people know he is guilty and his days as a free man are numbered!


(This video is of the whole town hall meeting, in the very beginning there are links to click to skip to the WAC questioning)

  • The last big event that was planned was the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history and the beginning of the modern truth movement, 9/11.  Despite who you think the terrorists are the horrors of that day were undeniably brought about by terrorists, and as you can see from this and many other websites, books, journals, conferences, and other resources the official story is largely regarded as incomplete (9/11 Commission does not even address building 7*), contradictory (the FEMA, 9/11 Commission and NIST theories differ and contradict each other and sections actually contradicted themselves in the same report), a fraud (NORAD, the Pentagon, other key officials, and others LIED to the 9/11 Commission in hearings**), and a whitewash (leaving unanswered scores of pertinent questions from the families of victims and the scientific community, and even some of the Commission members said they were set up to fail!***), so with this, and the other S T A G G E R I N G amount of evidence that goes against the official story (more found here in the 9/11 section), it should be abundantly clear that we were NOT told the truth about 9/11 and we hope you will join us in demanding a new truly independent investigation into the tragedy that unfolded that day.  Thank you to everyone that made  this a success!!!
  • Liberty Fest 2011 has come and gone!

* Source: (below is a link to the commission report, do a “find” search for proof of building 7 omission leading some to call it the 9/11 Omission report due to all that was left out! []

** Source: “9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon Allegations Brought to Inspectors General”, By Dan Eggen, Wednesday, August 2, 2006, []

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